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21 August 2008 @ 06:14 pm
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10 August 2008 @ 09:03 pm

Ahem. This is more of a pimping thing. :3 Requests are on their way, but first~

In the articulate words of Sara number 2 aka perv:

Iconnist get-together chat. Talk about icons you're working on, get help from fellow iconists, BLAHBLAH. Try out chat right now, join the room "iconnistsforever'. If you are interested in doing this again, join connoi. Please PM the following people for an invite to the chat if you can't get there on your own:

perv = ka vu ki on AIM
dashed = blackallopatric on AIM
vowel = greeneenvelope on AIM

Once again, the room is called "iconnistsforever".

Thank you, and we hope to chat with you soon~ :D :3

Okay. Now. To be a little more precise, connoi is a comm that we've started up recently for iconists like ourselves to be able to gather inspiration through chatting online with other iconners and share ideas. It's a place for honest feedback and stuff that perv said that I really don't remember. |D

Mind you, this is only a test chat to see how it goes. So please, if you're an iconist and willing, please join~ :DD

hope to see people :D:D don't be afraid or anything like that please~ you can use some people :3
02 August 2008 @ 11:55 pm
from now on will post at spiffinity as dashed
it was fun posting here ♥♥♥ won't delete the entries and the credit for the graphics posted in here stays the same ;)
27 July 2008 @ 03:20 am
I shouldn't be here, leaking icons.. but I'm so bored :| tomorrow I'm going to borders ;~~~; don't kill me sara okay? ;~~~;

122 icons (I think) + loads of variations :| (first time trying stock icons and they suck so my bad :> and the zettai kareshi icons have spoilers)

here is the list:
heath ledger; iron man; the dark knight
kat-tun; news/kanjani8; arashi; various
maou; zettai kareshi; suju; yui

two fo banners + two wallpapers


warning image heavy

It's my turnCollapse )

; credit either allopatric or ijitensha
; how to credit?
; resources
; do not hotlink or use outside of livejournal.
; textless aren't bases unless stated, don't edit them either.
; post will be locked within a week or so :)
; join?
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25 June 2008 @ 03:25 am


over hereCollapse )
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